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Welcome to the online Satellite Encyclopedia!

This is the online edition of The Satellite Encyclopedia, devoted to unmanned artificial Earth satellites.

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TSE (short name for "The Satellite Encyclopedia") is a hypertext document built around a dictionary of over 3600 satellites. Each satellite fact sheet contains basic information (launch date, official identification...) and extensive description of the payload. TSE is updated every 3 months.

N ow available in Winhelp and WWW formats:
  • over 5100 pages (see a sample satellite fact sheet)
  • multiple thematic listings (per country, launcher, purpose, etc.)
  • 800 high quality EIRP & G/T maps (see the list)
  • the list of satellites on the Clarke Belt slot per slot
  • 3600+ satellites covered
  • a detailed list of future launches (250+ satellites with descriptions)
  • 13000 keywords to search from!
  • Published since 1994... 70th edition!

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