Intelsat S.A.

4 rue Albert Borschette, N4 L-1246 Luxemburg
Tel: +352-27-84-1600

Program: Intelsat

Originally an international organisation, it was privatized in 2001 and required to make an IPO. In Aug 2004, the firm was bought by Zeus Holdings Limited, a company owned at 25% each by Apax Partners, Apollo Management, Madison Dearborn Partners and Permira. Price tag would be $5 billion with consideration of $2 billion debt.
In 2007, the company was acquired by Serafina Holdings Ltd., a group of companies lead by BC Partners (71%) for $5 billion, with $11.4 billion in debt remaining. FCC approved in Dec 2007.

IPO planned for 2012 occured a year later, in April 2013.

In March 2017, a merger with Oneweb aka WorldVu was announced on a share-for-share basis and in the same time SoftBank will invest 1.7 billion USD, but Intelsat bondholders were reluctant and operation failed.

The company filed voluntarily for Chapter 11 to restructure debt in May 2020. The debt was reduced from 16 to 7 billion. The FCC granted the transfer of authorisations to New TopCo SA (the restructured company) in Feb 2022.

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