Panamsat Corporation

20 Westport Road, Wilton, CT 06897, USA
Tel: +1-203-210-8000

Programs: DBS, Expressway, Galaxy, Panamsat, Spaceway (other satellites include Leasat 5, SBS 4, Palapa CA)

81% of the firm is owned by Hughes.

In Jan 1999 Hughes filled for 2 new Ku-band systems: Hughes Net, a 70 satellite LEO system and Hughes Link, a 15 satellite MEO system.

In Jan 2003, Panamsat requested 9 Ka-band slots from the Australian Communications Authority (ACA). In the same month, they announced their intention to buy HGS.

In Aug 2004, DirecTV, the new owner after the Hughes acquisition, sold Panamsat to investing funds for $3.35 billion (Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., The Carlyle Group and Providence Equity Partners, Inc.).

In Aug 2005, the company announced its acquisition by Intelsat for $3.2 billion. Finalized in July 2006.

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