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Ariane V181


Launch id 08008
Launch date 9 Mar 2008 at 04:03 UT
Launch site Kourou
Type 5 (528) ES
Payload mass 19407 kg
Payload ATV-1 (space cargo)
Injection orbit 259.2 x 263.6 km x 51.6°

The launcher's EPS upper stage is to be ignited three times. The flight's first EPS operation will be an 8-minute burn to place the upper stage and its ATV payload into an initial elliptical orbit with a perigee of 130 km. and a 260-km. apogee. Its second ignition, to occur 45 minutes later, will be a 30-second burn that circularizes the orbit and positions the EPS upper stage for its deployment of the ATV. A final EPS ignition is planned 90 minutes later, propelling the upper stage on a safe atmospheric re-entry for splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

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