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Astra Rocket

Privately developed by Astra Space Inc of Alameda, California.

The company is focused on building rockets quickly, in assembly-line fashion "like people build cars,"

Astra Rocket launches

# Launch id Payload Launch date Site Type Status (orbit in perigee x apogee x inc. x period)
1 n/a   21 Jul 2018   1 Failure: terminated short after launch
2 n/a   29 Nov 2018   2 Failure: failed shortly after launch
3 n/a   2 Sep 2020   3.1 Failure: terminated short after launch
4 n/a Astra Test Payload 15 Dec 2020 at 20:55 UT K 3.2 Failure: did not reach orbit velocity
Notes: V for Vandenberg, C for Cape Canaveral, K for Kodiak Island, Alaska launches

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