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Soviet launch vehicles

Gunter Krebs

Sheldon / Dod Name Article Designation Comment
A / SL1   R7 8K71  
A / SL1 Sputnik ? 8K71PS for the first 2 Sputniks
A / SL2 Sputnik ? 8A91 for Sputnik (3) failure and Sputnik-3
A1 / SL3 Vostok L (Luna?) ? 8Kxx for early Lunas and the first Korabl-Sputnik
A1 / SL3 Vostok K ? 8KxxK for Korabl-Sputniks and Vostoks
A1 / SL3 Vostok ? 8A92 for Cosmos series (Zenit) spysats and early Meteors
A1 / SL3 Vostok M ? 8A92M for sunsynchronous missions
A2 / SL4 Voskhod ? 11A57 ? for the first missons and for Voskhod
A2 / SL4 Soyuz ? 11A511 for Soyuz capsules
A2 / SL4 Soyuz M ? 11A511M  
A2 / SL4 Soyuz L ? 11A511L to lift Cosmos 398 class Lunar lander tests into LEO
A2 / SL4 Soyuz U ? 11A511U the current model for unmanned missions
A2 / SL4 Soyuz U2 ? 11A511U2 the current version for manned missions (and possibly for Kuban type spysats)
A2e / SL6 Molniya ? 8K78 was used only until 1966
A2e / SL6 Molniya M ? 8K78M the current model
Ae / SL5 Sputnik-Polyot ? 11A?? Polyot launch vehicle
A1m / SL10 ? ? 11A510 Cosmos 125 / 102 launch vehicle
B1 / SL7 Cosmos 1 ? 63S1 difference unknown
B1 / SL7 Cosmos B ? 11K63 difference unknown
C1 / SL8 ? ? 65S1 Tyuratam launch
C1 / SL8 Cosmos 3 ? 11K65 Tyuratam launch
C1 / SL8 Cosmos 3M ? 11K65M Kapustin Yar and Plesetsk launch
D / SL9 Proton UR500 8K82 two stage test version
D1 / SL13 Proton K UR500K 8K82K three stage version for LEO
D1e / SL12 Proton K Block D UR-500K Block D 11S824 for early interplanetary probes
D1e / SL12 Proton K Block DM UR-500K Block DM 11S86 for early GEO missions
D1e / SL12 Proton K Block DM2 UR-500K Block DM2 11S861 uprated version of Block DM
D1e / SL12 Proton K Block DM2M UR-500K Block DM2M 11S861-01 lightwight version of Block DM2 for higher payloads
G1e / SL15   N1 / L3  
G1e / SL15   N1 / L3 (7L) N-1 L3 (7L) had different boattail
F1r / SL11   R36-0 8K69 for FOBS
F1m / SL11 Cyclone M (or 2) ? 11K69  
F2 / SL14 Cyclone 3 ? 11K68  
J1 / SL16 Zenit 2 ? 11K77  
K1 / SL17 Energiya ?  
  Dnepr R36-M2 15A18M RS-20 / SS-18
150 missiles in reserve before first space launch
Operated by the Russian-Ukrainian Cosmotras company
fired from a silo launch pad
  Strela     RS-18
first launch in late 2002 from Tyuratam
Can orbit 600 to 1700 kg to 300 to 1500 km orbit. Should cost $9 million for commercial launches.

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