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STS 102


Launch id 01010
Launch date 8 Mar 2001 at 11:42 UT
Launch site Cape Canaveral LC39B
Type Discovery #29
Crew James D. Wetherbee, Commander
James M. Kelly, Pilot
Andrew S. W. Thomas, Mission Specialist
Paul Richards, Mission Specialist
James S. Voss, ISS up
Susan J. Helms, ISS up
Yuriy V. Usachev, (Russia) ISS Up
William M. Shepherd, ISS down
Yuri P. Gidzenko, (Russia) ISS Down
Sergei K. Krikalev, (Russia/RSA) ISS Down
Landing date 21 Mar 2001
Landing site Cape Canaveral
Payload none

Mission: ISS-07/5A1 (MPLM-1)

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