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STS 107


Launch id 03003
Launch date 16 Jan 2003 at 15:39 UT
Launch site Cape Canaveral LC39A
Type Columbia #28
Crew Rick D. Husband, Commander
William C. McCool, Pilot
Michael P. Anderson, Payload Commander
Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist
David M. Brown, Mission Specialist
Laurel B. Clark, Mission Specialist
Ilan Ramon, (ISA) Payload Specialist
Landing date n/a
Landing site n/a
Payload none

Research mission (MEIDEX,SOLSE-2,CVX-2,SOLCON-3, LPT,SEM,PSRD)

End of life

Date 1 Feb 2003
Cause Vehicle and crew were lost at landing time. Temperatures increased at an anormal rate on left wing. At 13:59 UT the vehicle broke up over East Central Texas.

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