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STS 59


Launch id 94020
Launch date 9 Apr 1994 at 12:05 UT
Launch site Cape Canaveral
Type Endeavour #06
Crew At least:
Dr. Jay Apt (N5QWL), commander
Dr. Linda Godwin (N5RAX), specialist
Landing date 20 Apr 1994 at 17:54 UT
Landing site Edwards

SRL 1 and SAREX missions

It carried synthetic aperture radars at three wavelengths: 23 cm (C-band), 6 cm (C-band), and 3 cm (X-band). For each wavelength, there was an array of six, electronically steerable antenna panels; the polarization plane of the emitted radiation could be varied as needed. It was expected to cover 46 million square kilometers of terrain and vegetation, yielding 32 trillion bits of data for capturing in 183 high-density tapes on board.

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