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STS 60


Launch id 94006
Launch date 3 Feb 1994 at 12:10 UT
Launch site Cape Canaveral
Type Discovery #18
Crew 7 persons (1 woman)
Landing date 11 Feb 1994
Landing site  
Payload B: Oderacs 1A
C: Oderacs 1B
D: Oderacs 1C
E: Oderacs 1D
F: Oderacs 1E
G: Oderacs 1F
H: Bremsat

On board was the Spacehab 2 (SH 2) facility to conduct 12 experiments. Among them were the following four GAS (Get Away Special) microgravity experiments: G-536--Pool Boiling experiment; G-557--Capillary Pumped Loop experiment; G-071--Ball Bearing experiment; and G-514--Orbiter Stability experiment. It also carried resources for high school/college science experiments.

Repeated efforts to deploy a three-meter diameter, retrievable shield (Wake Shield Facility) behind which pure crystals of Gallium Arsenide were planned to be grown were unsuccessful.

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