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STS 63


Launch id 95004
Launch date 3 Feb 1995 at 05:22:04 UT
Launch site Cape Canaveral LC39B
Type Discovery #20
Crew Jim Wetherbee (commander)
Eileen Collins (pilot)
Bernard Harris (mission specialist)
Mike Foale (mission specialist)
Janice Voss (mission specialist)
Vladimir Titov (Russian Space Agency)
Landing date Cape Canaveral
Landing site 11 Feb 1995 at 11:50 UT
Payload Spartan 204 (launched and retrieved)
Oderacs 2A
Oderacs 2B
Oderacs 2C
Oderacs 2D
Oderacs 2E
Oderacs 2F

Spacehab 3 (SH 03) mission

The Spacehab module is a pressurized laboratory containing experiment racks and lockers. FU-1 has a new window in the roof to help in the Mir rendezvous operation.

It carried the Spacehab module containing microgravity experimental apparatus. Despite a thruster leak from the shuttle, STS 63 was finally allowed to come close to the MIR station, within about twelve meters, as a prelude to a planned docking in the future.

This was the second time there had been three women in space (STS 40 was the first), and the second time that a Russian had flown on a US spaceship.

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