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STS 66


Launch id 94073
Launch date 3 Nov 1994 at 06:59 UT
Launch site Cape Canaveral
Type Atlantis #13
Crew 1 ESA astronaut
Landing date 14 Nov 1994
Landing site Edwards
Payload Spas 4 (launched and retrieved)

Atmospheric Lab (Atlas 3)

The primary payload was the ATLAS 3 laboratory containing two instruments (SOLCON and SOLSPEC) to measure solar emissions in the visible and UV bands, and a UV backscatter monitor to measure ozone concentrations. The shuttle also carried many pregnant and nonpregnant rats for biological studies.

MAS, a German instrument which was ATLAS 3's only sensor capable of measuring chlorine monoxide (a crucial intermediate in CFCs' effect on ozone), died after only about six hours of operation.

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