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STS 70


Launch id 95035
Launch date 13 Jul 1995 at 13:41:55 UT
Launch site Cape Canaveral LC39B
Type Discovery #21
Crew Tom Henricks (commander)
Kevin Kregel (pilot)
Nancy Currie (mission specialist)
Dr. Donald Thomas (mission specialist)
May Ellen Weber (mission specialist)
Landing date 22 Jul 1995 at 12:02 UT
Landing site Cape Canaveral
Payload B: TDRS 7

STS-70 marked another significant milestone with the first flight of the new Block I Space Shuttle main engine. Main Engine #1 - engine 2036 - features improvements that increase the reliability and safety margins of the main engines. SSME's No. 2 and No. 3 are the current design.

The Block I engine features improvements such as a new liquid oxidizer turbopump produced through a casting process that eliminates all but six of the 300 welds that exist in the current pump. A new two-duct powerhead improves fluid flows within the engine to decrease pressure and loads. A new single-coil heat exchanger in the powerhead eliminates all seven weld joints inside the engine, reducing wear, maintenance and post-flight inspections.

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