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The Volna launcher is a Russian converted RSM-50 ICBM (Nato SS-N-18).

Volna launches

# Launch id Payload Launch date Site Status (orbit in perigee x apogee x inc. x period)
1     7 Jun 1995  
2   Cosmos Sail test
20 Jun 2001 Partial Failure
3   IRDT 2 12 Jul 2002 S  
4 n/a Cosmos Sail 1 21 Jun 2005 at 19:46 UT S Failure: 1st stage failure at +83 seconds
Launch from the K-496 "Borisoglebsk" (Kalmar-class submarine)
5   IRDT 6 Oct 2005 S  
Notes: Launches from the Barent Sea (S).

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