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Program: Arabsat

Also called Badr, means "full moon"

Satellite program of the Arab States operated by Arabsat also known as Arabsat Satellite Communications Organization (ASCO)

In 1976 22 countries decided to build, launch and operate their own telecommunications geostationary satellites. At this time the Arabsat project was an innovation because even if Canada ( Anik) and the United States ( Comstar, Satcom and Westar) had their own satellites it was only for national communications. 3 satellites were ordered in 1981 to Aérospatiale and the Earth stations were build from 1983 on by Japanese companies.

The organization has started a process towards privatization in 1998.

Arabsat 6E and 6A will have payload capacities in Ku and Ka bands. They will be dedicated to support the growth of Arabsat's business and provide in-orbit backup capacity to its customers; and to serve the increase in the markets demand for satellite capacities and services over the Middle-east, Africa and Asia.


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