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Program: Astra

Direct Broadcasting System that covers western Europe. Operated by SES Astra, a subsidiary of SES global a company founded in March 1985 by 11 shareholders. Based at the Betzdorff castle in Luxemburg.

The first hotbird position of the program was 19.2°E Another position at 28.8°E was started in 1997 with the Astra 2 generation.

In Sep 2000 it is learned that the company wants to order 3 to 4 Ka-band satellites. The satellites might weigh upto 7000 kg and cost as much as EUR 1.2 billion. They would be launch in 2004.

Technical data

Analog Modulation

Bandwidth 26 MHz
Video excursion 16 MHz/v
Mono bandwidth 180 KHz
Mono de-emphasis 50 µs
Stereo bandwidth 130 KHz
Stereo de-emphasis 75 µs
Stereo expansion Panda 1

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