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Program: BlackSky Global

Call Sign S3032

Non-Geostationary orbit Earth exploration satellite program from US BlackSky Global LLC company. BlackSky plans to deploy a constellation of up to sixty satellites. The satellites are built by LeoStella, a joint venture between Thales Alenia Space (67%) and Spaceflight Industries (33%), 20 satellites have been ordered.

The satellites are used by HawkEye 360 to produce radio frequency data analytics.

In Nov 2019, the company secured a $50 million loan from Intelsat

In 2021, BlackSky Holdings, Inc. is acquired by Osprey Technology Acquisition Corp. ("Osprey"), a special purpose acquisition company [SPAC] to become listed on NYSE under "BKSY". Upon closing $283 million was raised.

Should use orbits between 385 and 500 km orbit in planes from 40° to 60°. Is authorized to operate frequencies in 2025-2110 MHz uplink, 8025-8400 MHz downlink.
TT&C at 401.5 and 401.375 MHz downlink, 449.75-450.25 MHz uplink

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Technical data

Carries a SpaceView-24 imaging system developed by Exelis which uses a 24cm telescope to image the Earth's surface at resolutions of up to 90cm.
Approx 50 kg
Constructed by Spaceflight Services, based around the SCOUT bus, and is designed to operate for at least three years.

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