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Program: Canopus V

Also called Canopus Vulkan

Russian remote sensing satellite program, based on half-ton spacecraft built by NPO VNII ElektrroMekhaniki.

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Technical data


Panchromatic camera

Wavebands 0.54-0.86 µm
Resolution 2.1 m
Swath width 20 km within 886 km

Multispectral camera

Wavebands 0.46-0.51 µm
0.51-0.60 µm
0.63-0.69 µm
0.75-0.84 µm
Resolution 10.5 m
Swath width 20 km within 886 km

MSU 200

Wavebands 0.54-0.86 µm
Resolution 25 m
Swath width 250 km

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