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Program: CBERS

China/Brazil Earth Resources Satellite

Joint venture to launch 2 satellites for remote monitoring of the environment related to agriculture, oceanography and geology.

The two satellites are assembled in China with parts manufactured in both countries. The two countries started manufacturing the two satellites in 1988 but the project was delayed by a budget shortfall on the Brazilian side (satellites were planned for 1994 & 1995). As of Apr 1999 the total program cost is estimated at $400 million.

The Brazilian Ministry of the Environment will use the two new satellites in the Amazon Integrated Program, created to develop the Amazon region based on sustained development policies.

The CBERS 3 & 4 are planned to cost $200 million. The contract was signed in Nov 2002. In mid 2003, we learn that work has begun. They should have 5 m resolution sensors.

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