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progindex_corvus Program: Corvus

Also called Landmapper, S3014

Earth observation program lead by the US Astro Digital company, previously known as Aquila Space.

The first phase is named Corvus BC, those are 6U cubesat, 10 kg inheriting from the Perseus satellites built by the team that manned Aquila Space. They carry multispectral imagers with 22 m resolution

5 satellites approved by FCC

Other plan

Astro Digital also plans an "Earth Exploration Satellite Service" to operate a constellation of 30 satellites in altitudes between 475 and 625 km. Upto 100 satellites would be launched over a 15-year period.

downlink: 25.5-27.0 GHz
uplink: 29.9-30.0 GHz
TT&C: uplink: 402.9 MHz, downlink; 400.5 MHz
TT&C: 2025-2110 MHz (downlink) and 399.9-403 MHz (both ways)

Inter-satellite links between its satellites and the Globalstar system using the 2483.5-2495 MHz and 1615-1617.775 MHz

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