COSMO-Skymed Specifications

Prime contractor Thales Alenia Space Italy (Finmeccanica)
Platform Prima (Piattaforma Riconfigurabile Italiana Multi-Applicativa)
Mass at launch 1700 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array  
DC power EOL: 3.6 kW
Design lifetime  

TT&C in S-band

SAR (X-band)

Has 6 acquisition modes:

SPOTLIGHT: 1 m resolution, 10 kilometers swath width.
HIMAGE (stripmap): 3-15 meters resolution with 40 kilometers swath width.
WIDEREGION (ScanSAR): 30 m resolution and swathes areas of 100 km.
HUGEREGION 100 m resolution with 200 km swath width
Ping Pong: 15 m resolution with 30 km swath width.
Military: details classified

Minimum of 12 hours revisit time.

300 Mbps downlink

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