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Program: Cygnss

Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System

US scientific mission part of NASA's s ESSP program. This is a cluster of 8 micro satellites to study storms by comparing GPS signals and their signal reflection from the storm below.
Led by University of Michigan, in partnership with Southwest Research Institute of Texas, Surrey Satellite Technology of Colorado and NASA Ames Research Center.


Designation 41884 / 16078A
41885 / 16078B
41886 / 16078C
41887 / 16078D
41888 / 16078E
41889 / 16078F
41890 / 16078G
41891 / 16078H
Launch date 15 Dec 2016
Country of origin United States
Mission Scientific
Perigee/Apogee 515/353 km
Inclination 35°
Launch vehicle Pegasus XL
Launch site Cape Canaveral

Launch worth $55 million

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