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Program: DBS

American digital direct TV program.

Originally, 2 companies provided TV packages: DirecTV, a subsidiary of GM Hughes Electronics, and USSB a division of Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. The receivers were (at the beginning solely) provided by Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA trademark). U.S. Satellite Broadcasting has voluntarily returned its authorisation for eight transponders at the 148 degrees West orbital location to the FCC. DirectTV has previously returned the slot located at 157°W.

In Dec 1998 Hughes announced the acquisition of USSB for approx $1.3 billion. The FCC approved this in Apr 1999.

In Apr 1999 Hughes completed the acquisition of Primestar's medium power DBS customers and system (including Tempo 1). A 24-month transition to DBS is planned. A second part of the transaction consist of the first Tempo satellite not yet launched and the 11 frequencies at 119°W; this is still pending FCC approval.

In Aug 2000, the satellite fleet was renamed Directv.

In Dec 2003, the FCC and DoJ approved the take-over of DirecTV via Hughes partial acquisition by News Corp, under conditions. Mainly News corp. must continue to broadcast its channels via cable and other medias for 6 years. News Corp acquired 34 percent of DirecTV parent Hughes Electronics, a subsidiary of General Motors Corp. The deal gave News Corp. the largest block of shares in Hughes and a de facto controlling interest over Hughes and its subsidiaries, including DirecTV, Hughes Network Systems and PanAmSat.

In Dec 2006, News Corp reached a complex agreement with Liberty Media Corp. which will lead to a control share in Directv (38.4 percent stake). The swap amounts to an $11 billion stock buyout for News Corp. The transaction should be completed in mid-2007.

In Jul 2009, FCC granted licences for to be constructed and launched (before 2015)
DirecTV RB-1 at 99.175°W (S2711)
DirecTV RB-2 at 102.75°W (S2712)
DirecTV RB-3 at 101°W
DirecTV RB-4 at 110.9°W
All 4 operate in Ka-band. (uplink: 17.3-17.7 GHz ; downlink 24.75-25.15 GHz).

Also planned Directv 45W (S2893): a ku-band satellite operating from 45.2°W to cover Brasil in 10.95-11.2, 11.45-11.7 and 11.95-12.2 GHz downlink (13.75-14.0 and 14.0-14.5 GHz). Authorized by FCC in March 2015, licence surrendered in May 2021.

DirecTV RB-2A at 102.8°W (S2796) Ka-band

Sky-B1 is a satellite project for 43.1°W to cover Brasil in Ku-band (10.7-12.2 GHz) and Ka-band (18.85-20.2 GHz). Uplink would be in 12.75-13.25 GHz, 13.75-14.5 GHz, and 28.65-30.0 GHz. The Ka-band frequencies will also be authorized by the Administration of the United Arab Emirates, for operations by Al Yah Satellite Communications Company.

In May 2014, AT&T announced the acquisition of DirecTV for $49 billion. In mid-2021 it was valued at only $16.25 billion.


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