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Program: Echostar

American DBS program operated by EchoStar. The system broadcasts the DISH (Digital Sky Highway).

The FCC granted EchoStar an extension of its satellite construction permit, and granted EchoStar subsidiary DirectSat an extension until Aug. 15, 1999, for construction and launch of its satellites to be located at 119 degrees and 175 degrees west longitude.

Echostar controls frequency allocations at 61.5, 119, 148 and 175 degrees West longitude (90 transponders of DBS spectrum). Echostar has the 121°W & 83°W slots reserved for non-DBS Ku-band and Ka-band. Echostar also bought the license and satellites for 110°W.

Echostar should launch 2 Ka-band satellites after the May 1997 FCC approval (83 & 121°W). Each satellite would have 48 transponders, with narrow and wide spot beams. It would have on-board signal processing and on-board switching. Maximum EIRP: 63 dBW, Downlink: 19.7-20.2 GHz; Uplink: 29.5-30.0 GHz band. In Jun 2002, licences for both 83°W and 121°W were revoked for milestone non-compliance.

In Apr 2002, Echostar applied to launch 2 DBS satellites using the BSS expansion band at 110°W and 119°W

In Jun 2003 Echostar applied to build and operate DBS satellites at 86.5, 96.5°W & 123.5°W. It later withdrew requested for 96.5 and 123.5°W.

In Nov 2003 Echostar applied to operate a Ka-band satellite at 125°W. 64 active transponders using height 115 MHz channels over 1000 MHz of spectrum. It was granted by FCC in Feb 2004.

In Dec 2003 Echostar modified its request for 2 Ka-band satellites. They should now be located at 81 and 97°W.

In Jul 2004, Echostar won a DBS licence (29 channels) for 157°W with a $5.8 million bid (12.2-12.7 GHz downlink, 17.3-17.8 GHz uplink). The auction was nullified and the frequencies freezed in Dec 2005.

In Sep 2004, the FCC granted the Ku-band satellite (10.95-11.2 & 11.45-11.7 GHz) for 109°W to target North and Central America requested in Dec 2003. 32 transponders with 27 MHz bandwidth. Construction must begin before Oct 2007 and launch before Oct 2009. TT&C: Commant 13.752+13998 GHz ; telemetry 11.452+11.698 GHz).

In Sep 2004, the FCC also granted the two other Ku-band satellites for 83°W & 121°W (11.45-11.7 GHz) to be owned by Echostar KuX Corporation. 16 transponders with 27 MHz bandwidth. Construction must begin before Oct 2007 and launch before Oct 2009. In Jun 2005, a request to modify the 121 satellite was filled in order to add 500 MHz of Ka-band spectrum (downlink: 18.3-18.8 GHz; uplink: 28.35-28.6 + 29.25-29.5 GHz)

Echostar 117°W will be a Ka-band satellite. It will operate command at 29.999 GHz RHCP and 19.701 + 20.199 GHz LHCP for telemetry. Ku-band TT&C will also be used to place the satellite into orbit.

In Apr 2005, Echostar filed a request to place a Ku-band DBS satellite at 86.5°W (following the Jun 2003 request). Will have 32, 24 MHz transponders. To cover CONUS + Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US virgin Islands. 56 dBW EIRP max. Circular R/L cross-pol. The FCC authorized construction in Nov 2006. That authorization was nulled by FCC in Jul 2011.

In Dec 2006, Echostar filled to operate 10 new satellites in the DBS EXpansion frequencies in 17/24 GHz. The requested locations are 61.9, 67, 77.2, 86.3, 124, 128.6, 147.6 °W. In Jul 2009, the FXX granted EchoStar EX-1 at 110.4°W and EchoStar EX-2 at 107°W. (uplink: 17.3-17.7 GHz ; downlink 24.75-25.15 GHz)

In Mar 2009, Echostar surrended its licence for a Ka-band satellite at 97°W

In May 2011, Echostar surrended licences for Ka-band satellites at 79, 110.4, 107, 115, 62.15 and 75°W

In late 2023 the DISH Network Corp and its subsidiaries were allowed to transfer their licences and authorizations to Echostar Corp as part of a merger agreement.

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