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Program: Europe*Star

Telecommunication satellite program lead by Alcatel with Loral via Europe*Star. Would use 3 German-registered GEO slots (43, 45 & 47.5°E) to beam to southern Africa, Asia, Europe, India and the Middle East. Two satellites planned. Cost: $400 million

Europe*Star Limited (based in London) was owned by France's Alcatel, as majority shareholder (51%), and Loral Space Communications of the U.S. (47%), with interest held by the Dr. Schulte-Hillen Group which initiated the project as Europe*Star GmbH.

In June 2003, Alcatel and Loral reached a settlement over the SS/L partnership. Alcatel acquired Loral's 47% share in Europe*Star as part of a transaction that terminated Alcatel's joint ventures with Loral and resolved Alcatel's litigation against Loral.

In Jul 2005, Panamsat purchased the Europe*Star 1 satellite (renamed Panamsat 12) and 2 GEO slots: 45°E + 47.5°E.

In 2011, is to acquire Intelsat 702

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