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Program: Explorer

American scientific program operated by the US Army.

Beginning of the program

Date Launch date Launch vehicle
1 Feb 1958 Explorer 01 Jupiter C
5 Mar 1958 Failure Jupiter C
26 May 1958 Explorer 03 Jupiter C
26 Jul 1958 Explorer 04 Jupiter C
24 Aug 1958 Failure Jupiter C
22 Oct 1958 Failure Jupiter C
16 Jul 1959 Failure Juno 2
14 Aug 1959 Failure Juno 2
13 Oct 1959 Explorer 07 Juno 2

Sub programs

AD (Air Density)
ADE (Atmospheric Density Explorer)
AE (Atmosphere Explorer)
DME (Direct Measurement Explorer)
EPE (Energetic Particules Explorer)
GEOS (Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite)
IE (Ionosphere Explorer)
IMP (Interplanetary Monitoring Probes)

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