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Program: Express

Also called Glavstar

Russian telecommunication program replacing Gorizont. In the early days of the program, the satellites were owned by Informcosmos and operated by RSCC. Nowadays the program is under control of RSCC, the national communication satellite operator of Russia.

Only the 2 first satellites are completely Russian made (1 and 2). Express A satellites have Alcatel payloads.

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Future series include:

- Express K: 3 satellites launched in 1999 & beyond: K1 should be based on a Spacebus-3000B with 52 transponders (32 C-band & 20 Ku-band, 9 kW power, 15 years lifetime); K2 should be similar to Eutelsat Sesat 1 and K3 a satellite jointly designed by NPO PM & Aerospatiale. This association of manufacturers is known as the Troika Consortium (the satellites as also know as Troika).

- Express AK: 1294 kg to be launched by pairs on Proton from 2001 on. Same number of transponders as Express A

- Express MD: at least two satellites, payload from Alcatel Alenia Space. 8 C-band and 1 L-band transponder. To cover Russia.

Express slots (reservation names, not satellites)

Express-01 37.5°W
Express-02 14°W
Express-03 11°W
Express-04 40°E
Express-05 53°E
Express-06 80°E
Express-07 90°E
Express-08 96.5°E
Express-09 103°E
Express-10 140°E
Express-11 145°E
Express-12 155°W
Express-13 99°E

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