Express' specifications

Prime contractor NPO PM
Platform NPO Express (similar to GALS)
Mass at launch 2500 kg
Mass in orbit  
Diameter 3.6 m
Height 6.1 m
Solar array twin panels, 21 m span
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power 2000 W
Design lifetime 5 years

Equipped with an advanced Xenon ion engine that reduces the amount of propellant needed to fine-tune the initial orbit and perform station-keeping maneuvers (SPT 100 , 8 units per satellite (including redundances) produced by Fakel CIS).
Beacons: 11.400 GHz (power: 0.1 W; EIRP: 14.5 dBW) and 3.800 GHz (power: 0.2 W; EIRP: 9 dBW)

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