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Program: Goes

Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

American program developed for GARP (Global Atmospheric Research Program) and operated by NOAA

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Notes: the imager and sounder sensors of Goes N and O (planned not before 2002) will be provided by ITT DEFENSE & ELECTRONICS (contract worth $177 million) Goes N to Q should have a solar X-ray imager built by Lockheed Martin. The Goes N and O satellites will be designed by Hughes (HS-601 based), the contract is worth $423 million An option for Goes P and Q is available for $191 million and $185 million respectively.

Since 1974 the NIST began broadcasting time information from the Goes satellites. This time-code is available from Goes-East and Goes-West at 468.82 & 468.8375 GHz. The signal has a bandwidth of 400 Hz and uses a modulation rate of 100 bps.

Series starting with Goes R will be launch from 2015 on (now 2016).

The followup program is called GEO-XO and the first satellite is planned in 2032.

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