Goes 13, 14 & 15's payload

Imager (5-channel imaging radiometer)

Wavebands 3.7, 6.7, 10.7, 12µ: visible, IR
Covers 0.52-13.7 µm
Resolution visible: 1 km
IR: 4 km

Sounder (vertical sounder)

Wavebands visible: 1 channel
IR: 18 channels
Covers 0.7-14.71 µm
Resolution visible: 1 km
IR: 2 km

SEM (Space Environment Monitor)

XRS (Solar X-ray Sensor): ion chamber sensitive in 2 bands (0.05-0.3 nm and 0.1-0.8 nm)
EPS (Energetic Particle Sensor): 3 detector groups for electron, proton and alpha particle flux

SXI (Solar X-ray Imager)

Carries a new Solar X-ray imager (SXI). It was designed and built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems.
The imager maps the X-ray emitting regions on the Sun in the bands 0.6-3.0 and 0.6-6.0 nm, once per minute.

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