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Program: HawkEye

Also called HE360, S3042

Constellation of up to 174 satellites (no more than 60 satellites in orbit at a time, launched 3 at a time) for remote sensing. Will also carry Sarsat-Cospas, ADS-B and AIS receivers. Orbit will range from 500 to 615 km with inclinations of 0-28.5, 40-50, and 97-98°.

Will identify and precisely geolocate a broad set of RF signals from emitters such as VHF marine radios, UHF push-to-talk radios, maritime radar systems, AIS beacons, L-band satellite devices, emergency beacons and more.

To operate in 2025-2110 MHz (uplink) and 8025-8400 MHz (downlink). Will be built by Space Flight Laboratory (SFL), based on the Defiant bus. In 2021 additional frequencies were requested: 840-960 MHz and 1280-1410 MHz. Also has Inmarsat connection.


Hawkeye 360 Inc
196 Van Buren Street, Suite 450
Herndorn, VA 20170

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