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Program: Intelsat

INTernational TELecommunication SATellite

Intelsat was created by 11 states (leaded by the United States) on 24 Aug 1964. The Comsat (controled by the US federal government) was created to manage the system because the US had 61% of the voting part. In 1979 the structure changed so that each member can't possess more that 40% of the voting parts. Since 1966, all the continents are covered by Intelsat and nowadays numerous services are offered. Intelsat counts 142 members.

In 1998 a commercial firm was created named New Skies Satellites. Intelsat 513, Intelsat 703, Intelsat 803, Intelsat 806, Intelsat K and Intelsat KTV have been transfered to the new entity. Those satellites are worth $700 million.

In Dec 1998 in a move to set an example, Intelsat has announced it will deregistered from some unused ITU slots: 63°E, 64.9°E, 69°E, 91.5°E, 180°E, 174°W, 22°W, 21.5°W

In Nov 1999 it was decided that full privatization will be engaged. A Lifeline Connectivity Obligation will be provided to countries dependant on the system. In Aug 2000 The FCC granted Intelsat LLC the right to operate 17 in-orbit satellites, 10 replacement satellites and 13 orbital redeployments (total: 22 orbital slots). Intelsat LLC will be a 100% owned subsidiary of Intelsat Ltd, based in Bermuda. The new Intelsat will continue to honor a set of public service commitments especially related to global coverage and lifeline services.

ITSO (International Telecommunications Satellite Organization) is in charge of ensuring that Intelsat provides public telecommunications services, including voice, data and video, on a global and non-discriminatory basis.

In March 2005, Intelsat filled to launch and operate 4 new Ka-band satellites: IA 10 at 89°W, IA 11 at 97°W, IA 12 at 121°W and IA 14 at 67.5°W.

In Jan 2021 Intelsat ordered 2 Airbus OneSat (software defined satellites) from 2023

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