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Program: LMI

Lockheed Martin Interputnik

In June 1997 it was announced that Intersputnik and Lockheed Martin had formed a joint venture to become a global satellite operator. The new company is called Lockheed Martin Interputnik Ltd.. The satellites are operated by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems. Intersputnik has leased the 75°E slot to LMI and has retained the others.

In Oct 1998 LMI leased two slots at 130°E & 142.5°E from Panda Communications Ltd which is a joint venture between Tonga and a russian company named Inspace Communications.

In Jan 1999 LMI 2 is announced at 83°W in 2000 (16 Ku & 28 C-band transp.), LMI 3 at 3°W also in 2000 (16 Ku & 28 C-band transp.), LMI 4 at 130°E in 2001 (16 Ku & 28 C-band transp.)

In Oct 2000 it seems clear now that the future LMI satellites will be delayed.

In Sep 2006, the only satellite of the program was bought by Asia Broadcast Satellite, based in Hong Kong.

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