Marisat's specifications

Prime contractor Hughes
Platform HS-356
Mass at launch 656 kg
Mass in orbit 330 kg
Dimension 2.15 m diameter x 3.81 m height
Solar array  
Stabilization spin stabilized
DC power BOL: 330 W
Design lifetime 7 years

Transmits in P- (250 MHz), L- (1.537-1.541 GHz, 1 transp.) and C-band (4.195-4.199 GHz, 1 transp.)

The satellite uses the military aviation band in the 248.850 and 249.325 MHz (25 KHz raster): 20 channels for voice and data (uplink: 302.450 to 302.925 MHz). They are also two 500 KHz channels for wideband transmissions (254.150-257.550 MHz; uplink: 307.750-311.150 MHz). TT&C: 3945.5/3954.5 MHz

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