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Program: Metop

Also called Eumetsat Polar System (EPS)

Metop FG

Meteorology program financed by Eumetsat (1.8 billion EUR) and ESA (0.6 billion EUR). 3 satellites planned in polar orbit.

The 3 satellites will be built by MMS for EUR 791 million. MMS will lead a consortium comprising MMS-UK, DASA and Alenia Aerospazio.

The first satellite was planned for April 2003 (was 2006), the second in 2008 (was 2012), and the third in 2012 (now 2017).

Will carry some NOAA instruments.

Metop SG

The next generation of Metop satellites, from 2024 onwards, will contain 2 series: A (focus on optical instruments) and B (focus on microwave instruments). Will be built by Airbus Defense and Space. 6 satellites in total.
Will be placed in sun-synchronous orbits at 834 km and have 7.5 years lifetime. Should be approx 4000 kg at launch.

First A-series is planned in 2021 (now 2024), the first B-series is planned for 2025.
The A1 and B1 satellites will be launched by Arianespace

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