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Program: Minas


US private remote-sensing program (from Spire Global, Inc.) to operate a constellation of micro-satellites (3U cubesats) to provide weather data and licenced by Luxemburg. The satellites are identical to Lemur 2.

Upto 636 satellites to be launched but only 175 satellites would be operational at any given time at orbital altitudes from 385 to 550 km and inclinations ranging from equatorial to polar sun-synchronous (98 degrees).

Would receive AIS and ASM signals

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Main frequencies

downlink: 8025-8400 MHz
uplink: 2025-2110 MHz

Backup frequencies

downlink: 2020-2025 MHz and 2200-2290 MHz
TT&C downlink: 401-402 MHz
uplink: 449.75-450.25 MHz, 402-403 MHz and 399.9-400.05 MHz

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