NOAA's payload (NOAA 9 onwards)

AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer)

Wavebands 0.58-0.68 µm (visible): cloud, snow and ice monitoring
0.725-1.10 µm (near IR): water, vegetation and agriculture surveys
3.55-3.93 µm (near IR): sea surface temperature, volcano, forest fire activity
10.3-11.3 µm (thermal IR): sea surface temperature, soil moisture
11.3-12.5 µm (thermal IR): sea surface temperature, soil moisture
Resolution 1.1 km
Swath width 3000 km

TOVS (Tiros Operational Vertical Sounder)

HIRS/2 (High Resolution IR Sounder): 20 channels in the 0.69 - 14 - 95 µm band; 17.4 km resolution
SSU (Stratospheric Sounding Unit): step-scanned far IR spectrometer with 3 channels in the CO² absorption band (15 µm);147.3 km resolution
MSU (Microwave Sounding Unit): passive 4-channel radiometer operating around 55 GHz; 109 km resolution

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