NOAA's payload (POES generation)

Equipped with second-generation Argos and Sarsat payload.

AVHRR/3 (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer)

Wavebands 0.58-0.68 µm (1/ visible): cloud, snow and ice monitoring
0.725-1.10 µm (2/ near IR): water, vegetation and agriculture surveys
1.58-1.64 µm: (3A) snow, ice and cloud discrimination
3.55-3.93 µm (3B/ near IR): sea surface temperature, volcano, forest fire activity
10.3-11.3 µm (4/ thermal IR): sea surface temperature, soil moisture
11.3-12.5 µm (5/ thermal IR): sea surface temperature, soil moisture
Resolution 1.09 km
Swath width 3000 km

TOVS (Tiros Operational Vertical Sounder)

HIRS/3 (High Resolution IR Sounder): monitors the atmosphere at 19 closely spaced channels (1 visible, 7 shortware IR, 12 longwave IR) so as to derive the vertical temperature profile out to an altitude of 40 km
SEM/2 (Space Environnment Monitor): enhanced to measure a lower energy (0.05 keV) and a detector for 140+ MeV
AMSU (Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit): AMSU-A is a 15-channel unit (23.8-89.0 GHz) while AMSU-B has got 5 channels (89-183 GHz). Built by Astrium.

DCS/2 (Data Collection System): enhanced rate: 2560 bps
SBUB/2 (Solar Backscatter Ultra Violet): derives the ozone profile by monitoring the incident and backscattered radiation in 12 wavelength bands covering the 252-340 nm band.

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