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Program: Radiosat

Also called Sirius or Sirius Satellite Radio

Telecommunication program operated by Satellite CD Radio LLC previously Sirius Satellite Radio previously CD Radio Inc. Program composed of 4 non-GEO satellites (inclined GEO). They will broadcast digital radio in the continental US. Was granted an FCC license ($83.3 million paid), slots: 80°W & 110°W. CD Radio acquired $105 million from Arianespace Finance S.A. to help financing the project.

The launches of the first 2 satellites was bought from Ariane 5 in July 1997. The order was cancelled in May 1998 because of the unability to deliver the satellites in inclined orbit. The Ariane 5 vehicle would not have been able to place these craft in orbit until the advent of the new launcher's reignitable upper stage in 2001. As the prime contractor, Loral (which delivers the satellite in orbit) will try to use the 2 vacant ariane slots or will have to pay 6% of the $290 million contract.

With inclined satellites, 3 satellites are required to make the system operational. The fourth satellite will serve as a ground spare (this will cost an additional $290 million).

In Aug 1997 Loral announced to have invested $25 million in CD Radio (approx 15%) The total system cost is now approx $950 million

In Nov 1999 the company changed its name to Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

In Jan 2000 DaimlerChrysler Corp. will acquire $100 million of common stock and exclusivley factory-install Sirius receivers in DaimlerChrysler cars and light trucks.

In Aug 2000 the 4th satellite (the ground spare) is said to be delayed. It was damaged during assembly.

In 2008 the company acquired rival XM Satellite Radio, forming SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

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