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Program: Rainbow

DBS Program run by the US Rainbow DBS, owned by R/L DBS, part of Cablevision Systems Corp.

In Aug 2003, the company requested to operate 5 Ka-band satellites at: 62, 71, 77, 119, 129°W. That request was granted in Nov 2003 by the FCC.

In Jul 2004, the company won 2 DBS licences at 166 and 175°W for $3.2 million each. The auction was nullified and the frequencies freezed in Dec 2005.

In Sep 2004, Rainbow filled to launch and operate the satellites at 166 & 175°W (Rainbow 4 & 5)

In Nov 2004, the company signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to construct 5 Ka-band satellites (designated Rainbow Ka 1 .. Ka 5) for $740 million in a range from 38 to 50 months. Would be used to transmit HDTV programs in spot-beam mode to CONUS, Alaska and Hawaii. The global capacity would approach 5000 HD channels. Would operated from the slots obtained in Nov 2003. Rainbow 4 was planned for 166°W in DBS Ku-band (12.2-12.7 GHz downlink, 17.3-17.8 GHz uplink). Rainbow 5 was planned for 175°W in DBS Ku-band (12.2-12.7 GHz downlink, 17.3-17.8 GHz uplink)

In Jan 2005, the company was sold to Echostar.

In Jun 2005, the contract for the construction of 5 Ka-band satellites was cancelled following the shutdown of the VOOM service.

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