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Program: SBS

Satellite Business System, also called CNS (Communication Network Service) or USASAT

Satellite Business Systems was created on 15 Dec 1975 by IBM, Comsat and Aetna Life and Casualty Inc. It was the first private professional satellite digital communications network. In Jul 1984, Comsat left the consortium. In Jul 1985, Satellite Business Systems was sold to MCI; four satellites were then in orbit. Sometime around 1987, the fleet was sold off. SBS 1 and 2 were sold to Comsat, SBS 3 remained with MCI, and SBS 4 was sold to IBM's Satellite Transponder Leasing Corp (STLC) together with the SBS 5 and 6 satellites still on the ground. In Apr 1990, Hughes Communications Inc (HCI) bought STLC from IBM. Sometime later (in 1992?) SBS 3 was sold to Comsat so that currently:

SBS 1, 2 & 3 are owned by Comsat
SBS 4, 5 & 6 are owned by HCI

All SBS satellites are based on HS-376 buses but SBS 6

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