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Program: Skysat


US private remote sensing satellite program

13 satellites to be built by SSL and launched in 2015 & 2016. The first satellite, Skysat 1, is not part of this series. To be launched on Minotaur C.

They will capture sub-meter colour imagery and up to 90-second clips of HD video with 30 frames per second.

Once the 13 satellites are launched, Skybox will be able to revisit any point on Earth three times per day.

As part of the agreement, Skybox granted SSL an exclusive license to the satellite design. This provides SSL with a platform to address the growing demand for small satellites and related services.

In Jun 2014, Google announced it bought the company for $500 million and requested transfer of the satellite licence.

The company was renamed Terra Bella in March 2016. The company was purchased by Planet Labs in early 2017, and Google committed to a multi-year contract to purchase imaging from them.

In early 2020 the company lowered the orbit of some in-orbit satellites to enhance image resolution.

Skysat 16 to 21 should operate in inclination from 40 to 60°

In 2020 the company applied to merge its FCC licence with Dove under call sign S2912 and then to extend till 28 Feb 2029.

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