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Program: Stacksat

US military program composed of 3 similar satellites named POGS, TEX & SCE. This program is also known as P87-2


Designation POGS or USA 56: 20560 / 90031A
TEX or USA 57: 20561 / 90031B
SCE or USA 58: 20562 / 90031C
Launch date 11 Apr 1990
Country of origin United States
Mission military: study ionospheric effects on signal propagation
Perigee/Apogee 741 km
Inclination 90°
Launch vehicle Atlas #51

TEX is a USAF satellite, POGS & SCE are from US Navy

TEX illegally downlinks on 328.25 MHz, a band reserved for radio astronomy. Unfortunatetly it cannot be switched off.

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Technical data


Prime contractor CTA
Mass at launch 68 kg each
Mass in orbit  
Solar array 15 W
Stabilization gradient
DC power  
Design lifetime 3 years

possible downlink: 327.250 or 328.250 MHz

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