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Program: TiangYi

Also called TianYi, TY

Satellite program from the Chinese Tiangyi Research Institute, marketed as SpaceTy. Based in Changsha, Hunan Province.

4 satellites were launched on 29 Oct 2018 (18083), but not currently properly identified.

TY1-02 (Xiaoxiang) carries a laser communication payload (first of a fleet of 288 satellites to provide broadband access)
TY1-03 (Xinghe) is a remote sensing satellite
TY4-01 (Changsha Gaoxing) is a 50 kg test satellite including a HAM payload
TY4-02 (Zhaojin 1 or Tongchuan 1) is a 6U cubesat carrying a gamma ray astronomy detector (part of a 24-satellite constellation to come).

Plus there is DFH 219 (TY1-04) launched in June 2019.

2 further satellites launched on 7 Dec 2019 (19087) in 500/520 km x 97.4°, not properly identified

TY20 aka BUAA Satellite was launched as a piggyback payload on Long March 6 #4 on 6 Nov 2020.

TY-26 was launched in June 2023.

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