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Means "hydrangea", also called EGP


Designation 16908 / 86061A
Launch date 12 Aug 1986
Country of origin Japan
Mission Scientific: geodesy
Perigee/Apogee 1479/1497 km
Inclination 50°
Period 115.7 min
Launch vehicle H1

Japanese satellite designed to provide an orbiting benchmark for geodynamical studies of the Earth. Laser retroflectors are mounted on the surface of the spherical satellite to return incident laser radiation to its point of origin.

Technical data


Mass at launch 685 kg
Diameter 2.15 m
Stabilization passive

It featured 1436 (120 sets) Corner-cube Reflectors and 318 Sunlight Reflection Mirrors

Mission: accurate measurement of the satellite's position with respect to Earth; readjustment of domestic triangulation net for accurate map-making; establishment of ocean geodetic net to position outlying islands.

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