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Anik C1

Also called Telesat 9, Nahuel C1, Nahuel I1 and Brasil 1T


Designation 15642 / 85028B
Launch date 13 Apr 1985
Country of origin Canada
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle STS 23

Was sold to Paracomsat an Argentine operator (when? in 1994?). Telesat obtained a 10% interest in Paracomsat and is to maintain the satellite in orbit until end-1996. The satellite was bought back by Telesat in 1997. In 1999 it is announced the satellite services South America again.

In 2000 the satellite was bought by Loral Skynet do Brasil to serve as Brasil 1T. at that date 8 transponders are still operational. It will provide coverage of the middle region of Brazil including Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.


Begin End Position
L: 13 Apr 1985   107.5°W
  Mar 1993 109.2°W
Apr 1993 Apr 1997 72°W
May 1997 Apr 1998 118.6°W
Aug 1998 Apr 2000 106.3°W, inclined
Aug 2000 Apr 2003 63°W, inclined

End of life

Out of service Apr 2003
Cause Moved to the junk orbit

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