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Anik E2

Also called Telesat 10, S2597


Designation 21222 / 91026A
Launch date 5 Apr 1991
Country of origin Canada
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Ariane V43

After Anik E1's incident, this satellite run out of control January 20th, 1994 at 21:00 local time after a magnetic storm. It distroyed the on-board stabilization system. To face this problem, Telesat has built a system that calculates and orders the satellite's movements from an Earth station.
This satellite was already victim of technical problems after launch to position its antennas.

On 30 Jul 1999 the satellite experienced another failure. Signals nearly disappeared at approx 20:00 UT and lasted a few hours. The reported cause was a severe magnetic storm.

In 2005, it secured the Venezuelan slot at 67°W before an actual Andesat satellite is launched. A Chinese DFH-4 satellite should be ordered.


Begin End Position
L: 5 Apr 1991 Feb 2001 107.3°W
Mar 2001 Jul 2003 111.1°W
Jul 2003 Apr 2005 118.7°W, inclined
Jun 2005 Sep 2005 67°W, inclined
Oct 2005 Nov 2005 81°W, inclined (PPsat 1 for Argentina to save the slot)

End of life

Out of service Nov 2005
Cause Moved to the junk orbit

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Technical data

EIRP coverage (dBW)

Ku-band National beam

C-band transponder frequency chart
Ku-band transponder frequency chart


Main transponders 16
Backup transponders 2
Power 50 W (TWTA)
Bandwidth 54 MHz
Coverage West, East, North, and Extended cross-border beams
The National beam is a combination of those beams
EIRP max 51 dBW
G/T max  
Polarization linear

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