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Ariane Radio-astronome Satellite ENseignement Espace


Designation 22654 / 93031B
Launch date 12 May 1993
Country of origin France
Mission Telecommunications
Perigee/Apogee 17261/36793 km
Inclination 1.8°
Period 1012.7 min
Launch vehicle Ariane V56
Mass at launch 154 kg

Built by Sup Aéro students with the help of RACE (Radio Amateur Club de l'Espace). Made from recovery material.

End of life

Out of service October 1993
Cause Failure

External resources

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Technical data

Packet radio uplink 1200baud, BELL 202 (standard VHF packet radio) AFSK (FM)
435.0625 435.1125 435.1375 MHz

Packet radio downlink 1200baud, BELL 202 AFSK (FM)
145.975 MHz

S-Mode linear transponder:

CW telemetry beacon 2446.4700 MHz, 110lpm CW
S-mode uplink 435.0625 MHz +/- 8kHz
S-mode downlink 2446.5025 MHz +/- 8kHz

Has a SEP Mars apogee motor

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