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Astra 1K


Designation 27557 / 02053A
Launch date 25 Nov 2002
Country of origin Luxemburg
Mission Direct TV
Geostationary orbit 19.2°E
Launch vehicle Proton #298

Astra's mega satellite will replace Astra 1B and provide backup for Astra 1A, 1C and 1D. Will provide increased coverage in Eastern Europe and the CIS. It will also implement ARCS (Astra Return Channel System); this uses Ka-band to receive signals from satellite uplink systems on homes and businesses. The hardware needed on the client end is a simple as a 30 cm dish and a cheap transmitter.

The satellite and launch is said to cost $280 million. It might be insured for upto $217 million.

End of life

Out of service 25 Nov 2002
Cause The upper stage of the rocket failed to put the satellite in GTO and left it in a 176 km circular orbit.
Decay 10 Dec 2002 over the Pacific

External resources

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Technical data

EIRP coverage (dBW)

Mission 1
Mission 2


Prime contractor Aerospatiale
Platform Spacebus-3000B3S (4000 bus but with older 3000B3 avionics)
Mass at launch 5250 kg
Mass in orbit  
Payload mass 680 kg
Dimensions 7.6 m height, 37 m span deployed
Solar array 6 solar panels
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power EOL 13000 W
Design lifetime 13-19 years

Astrium S400 liquid apogee engine.

9 antenna reflectors. The Ka-band antenna is provided by Spar Aerospace, it will cover major European cities.


Main transponders 52 (46 after 5 years)
Backup transponders
Power 105 W (TWTA)
Bandwidth 26 MHz
Coverage & max EIRP Mission 1: replacement & backup for Ku-low-band: 52 dBW
Mission 2: Continental Europe & UK: 53.5 dBW
G/T max  
Polarization linear /HV
Frequencies Any in band A, band B, band C & band D


Main transponders
Backup transponders  
Power 66 W (TWTA)
Bandwidth 500 MHz
Coverage multiple spot beams (16 beams)
EIRP max 55 dBW
G/T max  

Will be able to backup Astra 1H's Ka-band payload.

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