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Designation 03029 / 67111A
Launch date 5 Nov 1967
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology experimentation
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Atlas Agena D
Launch site Cape Canaveral

Carried advanced communications, meteorology, and navigation experiments. Provided the first color pictures of the Earth and proved the interest of maritime communications via satellite. Transmitted the first space communication between an Earth station and a plane on 21 Nov 1967 above the Atlantic.

Since 1980 the satellite transmits telephone traffic to and from Antartica. Experiments for data (especially the Internet) took place too.

The ground station equipment for ATS-3 is scheduled to be removed from the pole in 2006.


Begin End Position
L: 5 Nov 1967   47°W
Jun 1988 ... 105°W

Technical data

Would be an HS-306

Transponder frequency chart (MHz)

Uplink Channel Downlink
149.175 135.555
149.195 135.575
149.220 135.600
149.245 135.625
149.265 135.645

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